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Copper Water Bottle

How to Clean/Wash Copper Water Bottles, Advantages of Copper Vessel

In the realm of health and tradition, the use of copper vessels for storing and drinking water isn't just an ancient practice but a revered one. The belief that water stored in copper vessels gains properties offering health benefits has persisted through generations. While the benefits are numerous, it's crucial to maintain these vessels properly. Here's a comprehensive guide on cleaning and preserving the shine and efficacy of your cherished copper water bottle.

How to Clean Copper Bottles

Why Copper Bottles?

Copper bottles have gained immense popularity due to their reported health benefits and ease of use. Regularly drinking water from these vessels, which are believed to kill microorganisms and aid in purifying water, has become a common practice.

The Cleaning Rituals:

1. Vinegar with Salt: A mixture of salt and vinegar can work wonders in restoring the shine of your copper bottle. Apply and rub the mixture onto the bottle's exterior using a cotton cloth. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry.

2. Baking Soda with Lemon or Vinegar: Combining baking soda with lemon or vinegar creates a powerful cleaner. Rub the mixture onto the bottle's surface, rinse, and store in a cool, dry place.

3. Lemon and Salt Method: Using lemon directly on the bottle's surface can effectively remove stains. Add salt for tougher stains, rinse, clean with dishwashing liquid, and store it dry.

4. Interior Cleaning: Cleaning the bottle's interior is equally important. Utilize salt and lemon juice or vinegar for this purpose. Fill the bottle, shake vigorously, rinse thoroughly, and air dry.

5. Traditional Tamarind Method: For a traditional touch, use tamarind paste. Apply it to the bottle's exterior, let it dry, then wash and dry the bottle for a spotless finish.

Tips for Usage:

  • Fill your copper bottle with water and let it rest overnight to derive its purifying benefits.
  • Ensure your bottle is made purely of copper, without any additional elements mixed in.
  • Regularly clean your copper bottle using the aforementioned methods for safety and hygiene.

Additional Cleaning Methods:

Apart from the listed methods, there are a few more approaches to ensure your copper bottle remains pristine:

  • Vinegar and Salt Method: Rub the tarnished areas, rinse, and polish with a dry cloth.
  • Vinegar and Salt Method with Heat: Boil the copper vessel in a mixture of vinegar, salt, and water, then wash with soap, rinse, and dry.
  • Lemon/Lime Method: Rub lemon or lime halves over tarnished areas, rinse, and polish.
  • Lemon and Salt Method: Create a paste of lemon juice and salt, rub onto the bottle, rinse, and polish.
  • Salt, Vinegar, and Flour Method: Create a paste, apply, leave for some time, rinse, and polish.

Regular upkeep of your copper bottle ensures not only its visual appeal but also its health benefits. Following these cleaning rituals and tips guarantees the longevity of your beloved copper water vessel, allowing you to relish the purity and advantages it offers.

Remember, a well-maintained copper bottle not only nourishes your body but also reflects a cherished tradition that stands the test of time.

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